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Creating a friendly regulatory environment for small and medium-sized businesses in Israel


About the Minesweeper initiative

The Minesweeper initiative promotes the establishment of a friendly regulatory environment for small and medium-sized businesses in Israel.

We obtain valuable information from business owners, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed about areas in which they run up against unreasonable bureaucracy. We study in depth the regulation that causes these difficulties, find examples of more effective and friendly overseeing elsewhere in the world, and promote changes in policy and legislation.

To date, the Minesweeper initiative has dealt with a variety of regulatory issues including tax reporting, licensing and supervision in the food business, imports and standards reform, lowering the bureaucratic burden on daycare centers, small producers, and more. We helped advance several laws in the Knesset and place issues on the economic agenda of the government. We launched several public campaigns that focused media attention on bureaucratic and regulatory difficulties of small businesses, and devised the creative solutions that we promote together with elected officials, the professional staff at government ministries, and organizations in the field.

The campaign to alleviate the bureaucratic burden is a painstaking and complex one, but together we can create a friendlier and simpler environment for small businesses in Israel. Join us and tell us about the places where you encounter bureaucratic anomalies.




An expert in economic regulation policy

Barak is an expert in economic regulation policy, with extensive experience in strategic consulting and management of public processes. He counducts studies on SMB policies and runs public campaigns and legislation changes in this field. 


Served as economic development advisor to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, and currently a member of the Business Development Committee of the Tel Aviv City Council. 

Barak holds a Master's degree cum laude in public policy from Tel-Aviv University, and is a graduate of the prestigious Paths to Peace program of New York University.



Researcher at the Kohelet Policy Forum

Researcher at the Kohelet Policy Forum, focusing on factors contributing to the cost of living, especially monopolies and cartels in various industries, cumbersome regulation that burdens small and large businesses, and trade barriers that isolate the Israeli economy and reduce the selection of products and services available to the consumer.

Akavia holds an MSc in applied chemistry and a BSc in physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He participated in the student program of the Shalem Center, and speaks Hebrew, English, and German. He has worked at the Ministry of Environmental Protection in regulating air pollution, and has operated a pilot facility for the development of technology to filter out air pollutants from coal-fired power stations for Cleantech, an Israeli startup. He has taught chemistry at colleges in Jerusalem.

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Regulatory researcher and liberal activist

Idan Eretz is an economic blogger, regulatory researcher, and one of the founders of "Freedom for Us All." In the past, he served as analyst at Samkai Global Strategy and as researcher of collective agreements at the Competition: Movement for Freedom in Employment nonprofit organization.


Idan runs the "Free Radical" blog for The Marker and presents the "Weekly Number" corner on radio 102FM. On his Facebook page, you can find detailed posts on social and economic issues, from the price of butter to enlistment in the IDF.